Rotary Club of The Rotary Club of Peninsula Sunrise Photo Gallery

RY 2015 RWC Fiestas Patrias Booth
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RY 2015 H2OpenDoors Goes To CUBA
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A wonderful excursion to Cuba for 40 Rotarians and non-Rotarians. What an adventure, what a voyage, and a wonderful soulful adventure as our Jefferson Award winner Jon Kaufman would say!!!
RY 2015 H2OpenDoors Goes To San Miguel De Allende
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H2OpenDoors goes to San Miguel de Allende to install a water filtration unit for CRISMA. We continue our journey to Centro Fox and meet with President Vicente Fox for an informative conversation.
RY 2014 H2OpenDoors Goes To Ciudad Guzman
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H2OpenDoors takes numerous high school students from both Redwood and Woodside High to install a water filtration device in Ciudad Guzman. We also traveled to see President Vicente Fox at his library!
RY 2014 Rebuilding Together
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Working with Rebuilding Together at the Catholic Worker House on 04-25-15
RY 2014 Barry Jolette RETIRES
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Barry Jolette retires from SMCU and we throw him a big cheese head party 01-27-15
RY 2014 Food Baskets For The Holidays
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RY 2013 OktoberFestandRun
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H2OpenDoors joins RCEF and the Rotary Club of Redwood City to put on OktoberFest. We threw a fun run in the mix along with some COLOR!!!!
RY 2013 H2OpenDoors Fundraiser At Devils Canyon
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There was a lot to do to get ready for our big fundraiser. What fun from beginning to end!!!
RY 2012 Our 25th Anniversary
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RY 2012 Irish Night 2013 Fundraiser
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RY 2012 H2OpenDoors Fundraiser
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The first fundraiser for H2OpenDoors. This was to send the first Sunspring to Thailand!
RY 2012 Booth At RWC PortFest
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RY 2011 Our Booth At RWC Portfest
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RY 2011 Makers Faire
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RY 2011 Irish Night 2012 Fundraiser
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RY 2011 Dictionary Donation At John Gill
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RY 2011 DG Visit
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DG John Bottari visits the club with Jeri Fujimoto
RY 2010 RYLA
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RY 2010 Irish Night 2011 Fundraiser
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Our March 2011 Irish Night fundraiser to benefit the programs of our Foundation and Kainos!
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