The Peninsula Sunrise(Redwood City/Menlo Park) Photo Gallery

A wonderful excursion to Cuba for 40 Rotarians and non-Rotarians. What an adventure, what a voyage, and a wonderful soulful adventure as our Jefferson Award winner Jon Kaufman would say!!!
H2OpenDoors goes to San Miguel de Allende to install a water filtration unit for CRISMA. We continue our journey to Centro Fox and meet with President Vicente Fox for an informative conversation.
H2OpenDoors takes numerous high school students from both Redwood and Woodside High to install a water filtration device in Ciudad Guzman. We also traveled to see President Vicente Fox at his library!
Working with Rebuilding Together at the Catholic Worker House on 04-25-15
Barry Jolette retires from SMCU and we throw him a big cheese head party 01-27-15
H2OpenDoors joins RCEF and the Rotary Club of Redwood City to put on OktoberFest. We threw a fun run in the mix along with some COLOR!!!!
There was a lot to do to get ready for our big fundraiser. What fun from beginning to end!!!
The first fundraiser for H2OpenDoors. This was to send the first Sunspring to Thailand!
DG John Bottari visits the club with Jeri Fujimoto
Our March 2011 Irish Night fundraiser to benefit the programs of our Foundation and Kainos!